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Bride and groom so wear, wedding up relatives are boast to see
Here to provide a new idea: all evening gowns the clothing to the bride's wedding-oriented, looking for elements from the wedding, and then in the groom's best companion dress on the expression. (After all, men's clothing can not play to spend, ladies clothing must set off the bride's beauty-based)

A bride

1, veil: satin bread edge yarn is also good, pure white yarn can also be. Brought the dream of the dream, you can better reflect the bride's lovely.

Many types of veil, in the entire wedding dress, the veil of the magic are undeniable. Veil first with your graduation dresses wedding dress to match, and you have to match the hairstyle.

2, the crown: the proposed choice of shining atmosphere of the style, because the satin wedding itself is aristocratic, over and over again the Western royal wedding records, princess and princess are wearing satin wedding dress.

Speaking of the wedding, in addition to wedding dress, we are most concerned about is the jewelry. Pearl with beauty, even more beautiful Jiaoqiao moving, full of elegant atmosphere.

3, holding flowers: to satin, lace, pearls, diamond production of hand holding flowers, champagne elegant and elegant temperament, not with the wedding hit color. Carrying a new love and happiness of the future. A striking hand flower can not only make the bride's shape more perfect, but also the bride experienced an important moment of happiness witness!

cheap wedding dress 4, wedding shoes: naturally is a satin wedding shoes is better, flat high heel are free to choose.

5, wrist flower: the same satin ribbon as an element, add flowers and other decoration. Or to fill the lace pattern beauty of the diamond bracelet as a wrist flower wrist, but not the bride in the wedding essential items, some of the pursuit of individual bride will use the wrist to enhance their elegant fashion temperament

Second, the groom, best man

1, dress: choose a standard deduction Tashi can be, here take Yuan Hong and the best man's clothing for reference. Collar collar part of the black satin fabric, bow tie part of the black satin fabric, shiny and elegant, with the bride style echo each other. The gray suit may be more suitable for traditional weddings, but it does not mean you must wear it. Little to show off their own unique taste and dress style no big deal, such as this color is cool.

2, shoes: black tongue leather shoes mainly, the overall more coordinated. Pick shoes to comfortable as a criterion, usually speaking, the length of the toes of the folder is not the top of the foot, walking foot can not slide

Third, bridesmaids

Dress: the same choice of satin raw materials, a collar design. As Virgo, crisp recommended uniform style, small skirt, light color, but also set off the beauty of the bride. (Why not recommend lace fabric, because lace fabric is too complicated, bridesmaid dress is easy to disrupt the line of sight) champagne dress just, and the bride's champagne bouquet echo each other. Crisp feel bridesmaid with a ribbon wrapped around lace wedding dress the wrist, you can form a beautiful effect. If you can embroider on the ribbon and the groom's abbreviation, it will be more meaningful.

Shoes: the ultimate attention to the details of the bride, the bridesmaid to wear the same shoes will be more overall sense. This piece is not written in detail, need to see whether the bride is willing to invest in the purchase, after all, our lives, the bride only to the bridesmaids to prepare dress and wrist, rarely prepared shoes.