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Beautiful dress, noble and elegant, full of flavor, people at first sight!
Retro banquet dress

This retro modified cheongsam dress, exquisite lace fabric full of fashion. Pink, upper body fresh sweet. This dress can wear every day!

maxi dresses Long dress

Gao Ting Chinese collar design, combined with the shoulder is very close, a little retro taste, look dignified and generous. Stereo white lace flowers embellished, beautiful!

Short dress

This poncho skirt pendulum design, look cute cute. Beautiful lace rhinestone, yet elegant, very goddess temperament!

Party evening dress

Classic shoulder design, unique shoulder and skirt unique crystal diamond matched, Slim version type, waist effect is good, beach wedding dress filling luxury and elegant.

Black evening dress

Wrapped in the design of the dress, outside to catch the perspective of the yarn in the sleeve, exquisite embroidery around, Xianqi full! Elegant skirt, short before and after long, elegant sexy!

Long section was thin dress

Exquisite carved lace, attached to the satin lining above, showing looming charm. Three-dimensional cut, gold ratio, more tall figure.

Elegant V-neck dress

Sexy sultry lace V-neck, showing the clavicle every curve, looming chest, arouses reverie. Black transparent lace fabric, noble and gorgeous.

In the sleeves gray dress

This dress elegant to not any extra short wedding dress decoration. red dress Semi-lace fabric, charming enough. Slim version of the type, the United States do not want to.