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Banquet so much, there are few sets of high-end elegant dress how to line
Pink Puff Sleeve Dress

Pink puff sleeves dress skirt, far look like a word collar, in fact, strapless shoulder, the design is very particular about the details of the United States, so the design is neither beautiful nor worry about emptying the problem.

Pink special girl wind, elegant skirt, as well as lantern sleeves, sweet ladies temperament, full of princess wind, this is Qi to wear, especially tall and tall.

Birthday party dress

Wedding dress to the long section of the dress, the waist exquisite mesh yarn embroidery, so that your beautiful girl, full of charm, hollow chiffon long sleeves just right hazy vision, increase the woman's small sexy.

Exquisite round neck, shoulder through the yarn, exquisite, selected pearl satin, exquisite comfort, from every point of view are so elegant, chest design, add women's soft temperament.

Fashion Slim Long Dinner Dress

Fashionable dress skirt, semi-perspective of the chiffon wrapped around the small shoulders, just the release of sexy but will not appear exposed, long skirt design of the three layers of yarn skirt, the whole person's temperament set off.

There is a kind of ethereal feeling, full of fairy taste, front cover hollow hand decals, time-consuming for a long time, bring more meticulous feminine, mature embroidery process, so pink wedding dress that flowers describe realistic and three-dimensional.

Trailing dress dress

Fashion lotus leaf sleeves evening dress, fine lace carved, as well purple wedding dress as the yarn of the speaker sleeves, very young temperament, round neck looks like wearing a necklace.

Waist waist design, shaping a woman perfect S curve of the United States, light blue is also very temperament, pearl fabric, very significant grade, shoulder perspective design, sexy full.

Pink evening dress

Pink dress skirt, this dress is very fashionable Oh, shiny fabric, evening dress is very beautiful, in the light of the irradiation under the more significant effect.

evening gowns Pink is also very young age Oh, the word design of the perfect modification of the face, outline the female enchanting body, pay attention to wear when the best to reveal the feet to more temperament Oh.