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Banquet dress red dress, dignified festive, luxurious low-key
casual dresses 2018 married new short paragraph wine red

Chinese red bride's dress is our country's first choice for the bride, red bride dress can outline the bride graceful posture, and the red itself represents auspicious and happy. Stylish round neck shoulders design, lace looming, crisp version of the wonderful waist sexy beautiful back with a full fragrance.

Bride toast 2017 new autumn and winter red

This skirt with high-quality fabrics, soft and detailed, vest Waist waist skirt design, create a perfect physique, refined sense times. Sexy V-neck shoulders, the good beauty of your chest will be demonstrated, and more prominent arm slim, sweet and elegant waist design even more apparent your graceful waist.

Toast 2017 new autumn winter bridal wedding red

Featured high-quality fabrics, to bring you an unprecedented experience, three-dimensional Slim version, cover the fat, grooming, both in terms of lines and contours are full of design texture. Back strap design, according to the stature of the free adjustment, waist was thin, elegant skirt light, chic and highlights the charm of attention.

Bridal toast 2017 new flower girl dresses banquet red dress

Three-dimensional self-cultivation cut, petite dresses it can reflect the beauty of women's curves, but also through the unique neckline and elegant decoration gives a gentle and elegant visual experience, word lead take the shoulder design, follow the international trend, not only can achieve Slim thin effect, More convenient for you to wear.

Toast clothing bride 2017 new autumn and winter high-waist was thin long red

This dress is particularly light and elegant and elegant, showing a mature female small fresh, simple waist, elegant and elegant, but also a few more women's tenderness. Simple and elegant waist dress, A word skirt design, the atmosphere and neat, tall and thin, show your graceful body line.

2017 autumn and winter new Chinese

The combination of Chinese and Western design, both the Western highlight of women's retro Puff skirt, but also contains China's Dongfanghong and cheongsam elements, elegant and sophisticated. The same cheongsam, did not use the tail design, big skirt design subverts the previous cheongsam straight look, three-dimensional flowers to make the dress more texture, 3D fishbone better for the dress stereotypes, Tube top more sexy Oh