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A luxurious long tail and a bridal gown separates the fragrance of a lily
2017 new word trailing wedding dress

White mesh, full of immortality, all kinds of exquisite embroidered flowers, dancing butterflies, spring brilliantly above the wedding dress, like a sweet and pleasant flower fairy.

Three-dimensional tailoring waist cutting process, elongated visual effects, making the graceful appearance fascinating people. Smooth lines, so that every step of you is swaying.

2017 word long tail wedding dress

cheap wedding dress Lace's avant-garde eclectic and the United States across the empty space, colliding with a magnificent long tail, will be romantic and elegant aesthetic style blended, revealing intoxicating fragrance.

The elegant bow falls on the back and is elegant. Adjustable straps, waist and body sculpting are more convenient, outline exquisite body long sleeve wedding dress curves, revealing a charming and graceful graceful posture.

2017 new evening gowns word long tail wedding dress

The golden ratio of tailoring, stylish self-cultivation version design, waist slimming, creating a tall and charming body shape, to show the bride's graceful, charming.

2017 new word long tail wedding dress

The petite dresses elegant shoulders reveal an attractive neck line. Three-dimensional water-soluble lace, smart sexy, exquisite and charming, highlighting the feminine tenderness, beautiful and moving.

New style long tail wedding dress

High quality mesh fabric, light and elegant, with multi-layered structure to achieve multi-layer skirt laying design layered mesh fluffy and elegant, and then the "men" of the women will be instantly gentle and moving.

One-shoulder luxury 150cm long tail, showing a princess-like dream of beauty, in the beautiful days of your love agreement, wearing this gorgeous white dress, marry to your beloved prince.