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A beautiful dress skirt, wear chic feminine
Stitching Ribbon Lace Dress

Round neck sleeveless design and adhering to the principle of consistent simplicity, was stylish and type, skirt body with fine lace hook flowers, virtually the female will be able to show the gentle temperament, self-cultivation design of the arc, knee design The skirt, put it exudes a charming atmosphere. Dressed in elegant dress was gentle and generous, exquisite lace to form a ribbon stitching, very three-dimensional.

Red flower hanging neck dress

Hanging collar design collar with both sides of the strapless of the word sleeve, showing the delicate clavicle, but also modified the white white skin, chest edge of the chest along the chest to the side of the sleeve, Multi-level splicing skirt so that you walk more than a smart and graceful. wedding dress Colorful flowers printed large area outline, light chiffon more elegant and moving.

Net yarn splicing hit color dress

The use of net yarn fabric stitching design of the skirt is more emotional, Bra-type design is showing the delicate clavicle, waist large curvature of the waist is very thin waist, in the middle of the skirt to the network of silk fabric stitching , With intentional and unintentional sensibility and moving. Bra-style skirt design is very emotional charm, pale yellow tones seem warm and fresh.

One hand collar leaf side dress

A large piece of collar design highlights the clavicle and neck beauty, and the chest of the lotus leaf splicing to hit the color side, an increase of the level of the United States, just right waist is very thin waist, front side of the skirt So that you walk more moving and elegant, full of feminine. Simple white beauty really, the word design is showing a clavicle fine.

Tropical rainforest print dress

The design of the harness is white and delicate, and the sweetheart-shaped collar highlights the delicate clavicle, the asymmetrical lotus leaf embellishment sweet and agile, the self-cultivation waist is cut, combined with the back zipper design outline the graceful moving posture, irregular Lotus leaf skirt look romantic and charming. Fresh white leaf green printed dress, irregular lotus leaf stitching full of feminine tenderness.

An insignificant dress

pink wedding dress To pure color as the tone of the design of the skirt more feminine charm, greatly improved the design of a clavicle collar clavicle exquisite, chest fold splicing chic type, good tailoring Slim degree, irregular skirt with a certain Of the curvature, the legs will be a perfect show. Simple and pure color of the skirt was gentle and elegant, self-cultivation skirt irregular skirt, very personality.

Stereo print pocket dress

Small round neck design of the micro-clavicle, three buttons simple and concise, chest hit the color of the pen strokes printed stereoscopic, add a little sweet atmosphere, sleeveless design fresh and pleasant, symmetrical bridesmaid dresses pocket leisure fashion, H version of skirt body Cozy Slim was thin, A word skirt elegant introverted. Simple hit color printing dress, H version of the skirt body to perfectly modify the body.

Striped Stitching Dress

Simple solid color dress design, round neck stretch slender neck and neck, sleeveless design simple personality, Slim waist version of the outline of the graceful moving posture, geometric hollow stripes clever stitching look sexy fashion, feminine, Irregular skirt charming charm. White flawless dress look fresh and sweet, hollow stripes stitching sexy graceful.

White V-neck strap dress

Full of texture of the jacquard fabric skin-friendly, harness design simple fashion, wave lace deep V-shaped sexy sexy, V-shaped halter and collar shape echoes, self-cultivation waist decent tail, outline the graceful graceful posture, umbrella Large skirt sweet romantic. Simple self-cultivation of solid color dress, hollow deep V neckline sexy charming, umbrella-shaped skirt sweet and charming.