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30 a 48-year-old woman, have focused on this waist dress dress
Was thin V collar embroidered temperament dress

Excellent version of the type, custom fabric, ladies Slim was thin, fine embroidery, personality by age, suitable for any occasion to wear, sweet and pleasant, tide female Fan children full style, turned a little spicy sexy!

Elegant goddess, selected fabrics, comfortable and soft, Slim was thin, well-designed, stylish and charming, elegant intellectual! The Party, birthday, wedding and other small dress skirt.

V-neck design, modification of the neck curve, embroidery patterns, high-end atmosphere. A word version purple wedding dress of the design, self-cultivation by age. , Atmospheric fashion printing, highlight the luxury temperament. Slim design, was significantly thin.

Lace Embroidery Slim One Pleated Dress

Original design, high-end custom fabric, skin-friendly breathable, temperament round neck, 3D stereoscopic cut, gold split, temperament was thin, Xianqi full, piercing moving figure ~

Love as seen, filled with soft silk dress, so you relaxed and refined feelings to enhance temperament, leisurely intellectual taste, fresh and refined pure color system, you can interpret your charm.

Lace embroidery fabric, skin-friendly breathable, soft and comfortable, 3D stereoscopic cut, simple but not simple, temperament was thin, trendy wild, wear clothing fashion children ~!

High-end embroidery was thin dress

Collar at the hollow design, there are sleeveless design, revealing a little sexy. Slim version, feminine full. Very sweet, highlight the high-end temperament, put on the body will be able to attract a lot of eyes. evening dresses Different and implicit introverted.

The effect is beyond imagination! Elegant Slim black and white dress, perfect outline of the S-curve body, intellectual and elegant, full of feminine. Woman is so fine.

High-end embroidery was thin dress

Stylish exquisite dress, comfortable breathable, Slim version of the type, do not pick the body, simple design, national wind embroidery, it is to add fashion, to show elegant feminine. Chinese cheongsam collar design a good modification of the face.

blue wedding dress Ladies embroidered Slim temperament dress

Simple and full of noble feeling. Beautiful, elegant and the same can not be less. Waist design, very thin, perfect highlights women waistline waist. Upper body add full female charm.

Make it look lifelike, exquisite and gorgeous, eye-catching and dazzling, the face set off more Jiaoqiao. Let you go where the crowd is the focus, so that the whole skirt looks no longer simple, feeling very Fan Fan.