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2017 years of the famous brand wedding dress, leaving the most beautiful you
This year the brand name wedding dress, fashionable bride preferred. You have seen a lot of wedding dress at the wedding ceremony, the following is the name of the word shoulder wedding, please appreciate the rough about it

red dress A beach wedding dress wedding dress

The requirements of the wedding dress is still very high, of course, depends on the extent of your straple how much. However, it also needs your neck is not long enough and your clavicle is not enough to have a sense of bone.

This year the word shoulder wedding dress

The new season wedding series design ideas from Milan's art, or concise classic, or luxury such as fairy tale, tradition, romantic, simple, Bohemian wind, classic, charm and other elements in the season series are performance, Quasi-bride to bring a pleasant choice.

Summer was thin bride wedding red dress

The variety of wedding forms, but a red dress must not be less. Hot and publicity of the red dress, each with her own vitality. Let the red as a representative of the wedding color, festive and with a stylish atmosphere.

Fashion trend of the overall profile, light retro lace stand, 3D stereoscopic cut, fine lace fabric, show the bride perfect charming body.

Bride dress wedding dress

Pure red, simple atmosphere of the word collar design, show the bride temperament temperament. Three-dimensional cut so that clothes are very self-cultivation was thin, skirt delicate mesh more elegant and dignified! Collar with large sweet lotus leaf design, more evening dresses highlight the beautiful neck lines, selected high-quality fabric produced, very fashionable style Oh!

Bride long wedding dress red wedding dress

Chinese festive classic Chinese red, dignified and there is gas field, this soft atmosphere of the bride dress, exquisite luxury, so that the bride and the United States and the appearance of the perfect beauty. With the international fashion Fan cutting design, fabric quality, light texture, it can reflect the bride curve of the United States, through the chic collar and elegant decoration, to the bride gentle and elegant visual experience.

Fashion red princess red word shoulder dress

Chinese-style wedding to the main red, just let people see will feel very festive. In addition to the choice of white wedding dress, red dresses for women toast dress is also essential, the moment is popular online yarn lace red dress, better show bride proud posture.

3d stereoscopic cut, hide the golden ratio of fat, improve the waist curve, the visual play slimming effect, waist was developed curve is more slim, goddess Fan full.