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2017 wedding trends now change the wedding is also too late
The wedding is the eternal fairy tale of every girl's heart. In this beautiful fairy tale, not only the beautiful princess, there are long stay together Prince Charming, they will work together to a happy life. So the wedding day, wearing a dressed fashion and unique charm of the wedding, to show the most beautiful of their own, is one of the most important mission of each bride.

1, tulle style wedding

With the lawn wedding, the beach wedding and family wedding popular, luxury, heavy satin gradually lightman dance Wu dry yarn, georgette and hollow lace replaced. Today, the chiffon skirt began to replace the reflective satin and popular. In the "Royal sister" Zhang Yuqi and Wang Quanan Maldives to pay the wedding, Zhang Yuqi is wearing a dressed like a feather-like texture to classical lace bust and Melaleuca skirt wedding dress, making her less expensive at the wedding "Royal sister" style and more light of the look.

Perfect in the wedding dress! All the designers can use clever cutting, fantastic embroidery and feminine decals together. Perfect tulle with some decals, so that the bride's skin looming, it is sexy and wonderful.

2, unique collar wedding

Low v collar wedding has begun to gradually not so much attention, and now the bride has beach wedding dress begun to try a variety of other collar type, such as high-collar wedding dress, cheongsam wedding, heart-shaped collar and so on.

V-shaped wedding dress can be more perfect show new elegant and charming neck, revealing a beautiful sexy clavicle, but also show the beauty of the female clever cleavage, people blood swelling.

Bra wedding dress is very common, but also much attention to the bride a style. It can show the bride's beautiful shoulders and clavicle, highlight the long neck, showing the elegance of the new elegant image.

Heart-shaped collar design wedding dress for the chest is very full bridesmaid dresses of bride, can fully show the figure, but also to look more slender neck.

prom dresses Shoulder wedding dress can be used sleeve design, can also be used sleeveless design, can fully display the clavicle and neck of the sense of the sense of beauty design by the new people like.

3, eye-catching flowers pattern wedding

Some designers noticed the use of flowers in the wedding dress, and then try to flower pattern in the form of 3D in the wedding dress above the fine sewing embroidery texture. The results, super romantic, super beautiful wedding dress was born, compared to believe you will not want to miss this wedding dress.