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2017 how to choose the bride wedding dress
Wedding bride to choose the right wedding dress, then what are the wedding style? Quasi-bride who came to know before marriage, the selection of the appropriate wedding dress.

One, A plus size dresses word skirt wedding

As the name suggests A word wedding and is like capital letters A type of wedding dress, lines are relatively simple, not how to waist, the classic A-shaped wedding dress is a great choice of princess style, natural fresh, not simple and tasteless too much publicity.

Wedding occasions: to attend any theme of the wedding are not wrong choice

For the crowd: suitable for any body of the bride, especially the belly of the bride

Second, Peng Peng skirt wedding dress

Puff skirt wedding with its sense of volume can always bring people dream of gorgeous feelings, but also a synonym for cute.

Wedding occasions: attend a grand banquet wedding or a solemn church wedding

Not suitable for the crowd: petite little bride

Three, tube skirt wedding dress

This simple and elegant wedding dress in foreign countries is very common, little change in line curvature, but to change the status quo.

Wedding occasions: Attend a simple and elegant lawn wedding

For the crowd: the body is not very well or body full of plump bride

Not suitable for the crowd: petite, cocktail dresses too thin body of the bride

Four, fish tail wedding

formal dresses Fishtail wedding dress is the most prominent in all the wedding profile petite dresses of women graceful style, the higher requirements of the female body. But the fish tail design skirt walk is not very convenient, to try to feel many times, choose the most suitable for their own that one.

Wedding occasions: attend the traditional banquet wedding

For the crowd: S curve of the bride

Not suitable for the crowd: the abdomen with fat, buttocks flat bride

Five, high waist wedding

High waist wedding show is a noble classical style, highlighting the fullness of the chest lines, visually elongated lower body ratio, to create a perfect body.

Wedding occasions: attend the romantic breeze blowing romantic wedding beach

For the crowd: not satisfied with the proportion of the legs, petite, belly fat or pregnant bride

Not suitable for the crowd: flat chest, or chest too big bride