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  • Bride section toast dress, red super festive, bridesmaid clothes also have oh
    The whole body has a beautiful relief pattern, non-general knitting weaving process, heavy industry beautiful! Was thin temperament ~ sexy collar collar will be beautiful clavicle exposed no trace. Waist section waist, skirt smooth lines, to the body look super good da da! Red stunning skin color, the United States turn it!

    Ultra-heavy industry embroidery crisp black and white fine color, skirt material used, not bad, drape sense of a good, elegant style overall design seems relatively simple, but in reality do super difficult, chest width of each chest should be positioning , It is charming! Upper body was generous, feminine filling, elegant and elegant ladies temperament skirt with lined, do not worry through the problem

    This is a decade to wear the most classic one, ladies favorite, super female stars have a show, from the week Huimin to Kunming Ling, all love S, eternal classic upper body black stitching heavy spotted jeanfish embroidery yarn Skirt, so beautiful, stylish Slim version! You deserve to have one! The most important thing is that our black is not foolish of other home

    Fried-class heavy industry embroidery skirt body of the flowers are three-dimensional embroidery up, walking will be jitter, a kind of falling love feeling this fabric is thick cotton quite scraping type is not the kind of very thin material simple small round neck Seven sleeves Slim waist design small A skirt has a princess wind gives sweet feeling lined with texture is cotton, including small details I am also very demanding to receive clothes you know that the upper body is very temperament

    Each color is carefully selected our home knit dense in the hands of hand with a brooch and brooch is also much better than others Oh ~ pink complexion color white white special black people were thin purple temperament elegant wear feminine immediately presented, Clothes to wear on the body is the embodiment of the quality of life ~ choose a little bit wrong

    Romantic dating exclusive dress fried heavy industry a heavy dress the entire skirt both the fabric and lace are custom, the fabric plus size dresses is thick silk, lace is imported machine embroidery, and then the workers hand paste up to the elegant atmosphere of the United States and the United States Huan ~ a bit biased towards the champagne is very special and significant grade of the color ~ skirt in hand to know the weight and sincerity, wear on the body is about to improve the number of grades ~ want to be a unique you, then you must enter ~

    138 pearl handmade bead heavy industry luxury high-grade elegant apricot sexy gas field black with fur and coats are the most important activities in the second half of the NICE, the whole design of a full sense of skirt Oh ~ fabric very scraping, skirt to have three-dimensional A sense of the word, waist design to make the curve more exquisite ~

    flower girl dresses With a good shoe immediately became a war brides party bridesmaids are beautiful eyes ah

    Sweet cherry pink little princess feeling early spring style ~ short wedding dress simple and well-behaved style, specially made a deep V collar so simple in a trace of some looming little sexy lace lace to be embellished to see a look like a dress on the TA Particularly outstanding with pink and delicate floral package hip Slim design sense full!

    2017-05-26 10:57:43
  • Petite bride wedding style recommended ...
    Petite bride

    The face of sections of exquisite wedding will regret to sigh

    So beautiful, but I can not wear how to do?

    Do not worry, then Xiaobian give you recommend several

    Short wedding dress

    From the point of view of the most suitable for a short bride,

    Short paragraph wedding is undoubtedly the best choice for short bride,

    Because the short paragraph wedding can be exposed to the bride's legs.

    If the short bride also want to choose the tail wedding,

    It is best to choose the long before and after the long design style.

    High waist wedding dress

    The bride can also choose high waist wedding,

    Not only can effectively improve the height of the bride feeling,

    But also gives a lively and lovely feeling.

    Elegant open fork or small tail wedding

    beach wedding dress If it is a long wait for the long wedding dress a short bride,

    You can also choose a fork in the fork or side of the wedding,

    This wedding will make the bride look more tall.

    Amy fairies

    Read more of these styles of wedding,

    To find suitable for their own paragraph that wedding it?

    Upper body as much as possible to wear some relatively short clothes, such as you can wear some Bra, do not wear high collar clothes, of course, if the bride wants to be convenient, can be called collar clothes, so it looks more comfortable, and More suitable for collocation. As the bride, in the upper lace wedding dress body of the process of choosing clothes, no matter what kind of clothes can not choose to set the head, in particular, can not choose high collar, the next time if the choice of wedding longer, will reveal graduation dresses the leg, so next time we can Wear some jeans, because sometimes exposed legs do not matter, often shooting is a panoramic view, will not have any impact.

    2017-05-26 10:57:14
  • Wedding and hair with the most beautiful bride
    All say that women are married when the most beautiful, wearing a white wedding dress, with a beautiful bride shape, even more beautiful and moving.

    Flower fairy hair + shoulder wedding dress

    This hairstyle can best bring out a woman's girl heart, so you look more fresh and beautiful. Plus lace petals climbing around the word shoulder, sexy penetration and chiffon, exquisite immortal Yi

    Long curly hair + deep V collar exposed big tail wedding dress

    Long hair with long skirt, this hair to take into account the length of the wedding dress, if too short, the effect is not very good. White yarn layers of bedding, beautiful and gorgeous, the actual situation among the creation of fantasy Xian Zi

    In the sub-match with a low horse tail hair + collar collar was thin wedding dress

    The hair in the sub-sub-Liu Hai design, and then with the low-cauda equina of the hair, with long long yarn, ultra-beautiful

    High flower bracts hair + word shoulder school wedding dress

    Simple and elegant dish hair style, with a word shoulder wedding dress, the aesthetic temperament in pink wedding dress the end

    Side braided hair + fish tail wedding dress

    Side braided hair is how beautiful, emitting a fairy-like temperament, with a word shoulder squeak tail tail wedding dress, a great bride style

    white dress Low horse tail hair + deep V wedding dress

    Simple and generous Korean bride long hairstyle, plus size dresses fluffy shawl in the sub-volume hair tie simple low-haired hairstyle, with deep V wedding dress, very soft

    Shawl Hair + Shoulder Wedding Dress

    Favorite this hairstyle, the most simple shawl hair, beautiful and moving, very fresh with

    2017-05-25 11:00:17
  • Woman the most beautiful moment, put on the wedding to do the bride
    All the girls are fantasy to wear wedding time and wedding dress look, girls want to be a beautiful bride, put on their wedding, as long as the wedding dress, every girl is the world's most beautiful bride!

    White wedding dress in the woman slim body, a woman's face slightly flushed, a trace of soft smile, feel that they are the world's most happy woman.

    Wedding dress, chiffon skirt elegant, delicate skin and the perfect match with the wedding, faint and delicate body. Marriage, like petals lilies as indifferent, delicate, light and transparent fabrics, and embroidery, everything is so perfect and moving.

    There is no dazzling sound coming back. If you have a gorgeous back in the elegant wedding dress on the market, we red dress have a good deal today! We are walking through some stunning gems charming beautiful collection while boys are ready for these dresses?

    There are amazing dresses and then there are Rosa Clar锟斤拷 wedding dresses. This year's series shows our favorite bride trend, the details are amazing, it is difficult to fall in the heels of love!

    God's bead back. An elegant low or illusion back always get our attention, but add a luxury bead ... tips the main laughter! For the season of 2017, Rosa Clara really became an incredible, declarative production of the details of the charm. We are talking about three-dimensional bead, exquisite decals and matte edge detail. Want to turn around? Its back has a spectacular butterfly beaded pattern, or a unique beaded stripes evening dress.

    Oh, so chic style. While the beautiful lace wedding in the spades, there is always a special place in our hearts, another reason we are very obsessed with Rosa Clara's collection of 2017 is an impressive non-lace choice. Think soft crepe Joe yarn and silk ar, texture of the pique and eye-catching Mikado, all of which provide clean, structured silhouette. For like chic bride, modern romance, it's your dream collection here! From the elegant crepe dress to the pink wedding dress fragile custom brocade ball dress (eg Namibia), fantastic wedding dresses in style, fabric and execution point, or we like to call it ... "PERFECTION!".

    Fishtail wedding dress is also popular in recent years, the classic atmosphere is very taste. Fish tail is not only sexy but also rich palace gorgeous atmosphere, giving a princess-like dream feeling, wear sexy super thin

    Fashion of the word shoulder with a moored design, fashion sense is very strong. Behind the body was thin effect is very good, but also very temperament.

    Bra wedding is a more classic style, and elegant body behind the body wear very beautiful.

    purple wedding dress Fashionable Bra, with a short post-long design, fashion sense instantaneous burst table. In addition to the dotted flowers is beautiful and prominent.

    Waist hand grasping thin and thin waist. Tighten the waist while also a good set off the chest. To prevent the wedding will not fall, lace and diamond to do decoration, wear beautiful and thin.

    2017-05-25 10:59:48
  • Bridesmaid winter wedding dress with the principle
    The choice of bridesmaid dress is as important as the choice of bridal dress. Especially in the winter, the most important principle of the bridesmaid dress is the warmth, because the winter is really some cold.

    (A) thick texture of the fabric

    The choice of bridesmaid dress is just as important as the choice of bridal dress. Especially in the winter, the most important principle of the bridesmaid dress is the warmth, because the winter is really some cold. Therefore, the bridesmaid in the choice of winter dress, the fabric can choose some texture is thick, and other warmth of the fabric, like corduroy, acrylic cotton, velvet, thick silk, velvet and so can play a very good warmth , Are the best choice for winter dress fabric.

    (2) fur coat

    Because it is a dress, so always to reveal the shoulder or arm position, and in the cold winter is very painful. short wedding dress So the bridesmaid can also be outside the dress put a fur shawl, so that both as pink wedding dress a decoration, but also warm. The bridesmaid can choose a dress with the same shawl, as the style, then you can according to the theme of the wedding, or the requirements of the bride, and that is their own preferences to choose, it is best to bring their temperament are out, but The premise is not able to grab the bride's limelight, that is not good slightly.

    (3) warm gloves

    Above Xiaobian what we say shawl, can be a lot of shawls are no sleeves, so the bridesmaids can also choose a pair of warm gloves, the premise is to match with the bridesmaid dress, this can also play a very good warm effect Oh, Fashion and warmth without losing the best choice.

    (D) warm clothing

    In addition, our body is also very important to warm, if the bridesmaid chose a long section of the dress, it can put on a warm pants Oh, who wear a pair of knee socks. In the upper body, then you can also use a thin light-colored round neck warm underwear, because the long section of the dress will block the lower body, the feet can be used with a pair of boots, so both good and warm, and not bloated. In addition, if the dress is more self-cultivation, you can outside the dress with a coat, if afraid of bloated, you can tie a belt.

    Bridesmaid dress color

    1, during the day to participate in a formal wedding, clothing and more use of monochrome, pay attention to the body do not appear too much color, or give people frivolous and solemn feeling.

    2, it is best not to wear black to attend the wedding, in particular, can not wear black mesh socks.

    3, at the wedding, the bridesmaid dress color is better than the bride dress slightly lighter, the main color to warm colors.

    4, do not wear pure white dress debut, so as maxi dresses to avoid overwhelming. Bridesmaid dress than the bride installed a little lighter color, and wedding style uniform.

    white dress 5, for the table festive, you can add some red clothing accessories, such as a red dress, red belt or a small area in the clothing on the red. You can also wear some reddish warm colors, such as pale pink, light yellow and so on.

    2017-05-24 11:09:52
  • These bride hairstyle wedding dress is really equipped with
    All MM know that wedding dress must be with a good hairstyle, in order to more beautiful and outstanding. Today Xiaobian MM for you to introduce the most popular 4 wedding dress corresponding to the 12 beautiful hairstyle, so MM become the most beautiful bride, if this fall you happen to get married, first look at the latest bride hairstyle it

    prom dresses First of all, the first wedding is tight-fitting bra wedding style, noble with sweet and lovely, so the hair can also be lovely to the direction of development, with a soft texture and gorgeous style of hair to match.

    In the long hair of the bride MM hairstyle can be sorted out, the sense of the air inside the buckle Liuhai romantic naive, the hair tied a fluffy messy high horse tail, short wedding dress with a beautiful diamond hoop more moving. Gao Zama tail to MM sexy back pink wedding dress lines and clavicle at a glance, very sexy and lovely. The same beautiful romantic sense of the air Liu Hai prominent MM water Wang big eyes, hair hair after the plate in the back, with pure white veil, highlight the dignity of mm. While the ears and the neck after the natural drop of the micro-curly hair even more sweet and romantic. Like this soft skinny wedding dress, more suitable for three-dimensional strong bride hairstyle.

    Fluffy oblique horsetail sweet and pleasant, with a small boring short bang to MM a bit more playful, and made with white gauze made of huge white flowers of the hair section to make MM more solemn and elegant. This simple and elegant European classical wedding dress, very clean and simple, so the hair is also to Europe retro noble hair closer to some.

    White hair hoop will bang after the dial, MM fresh face completely exposed, and the back of the hair in the MM after the neck roll into an elegant retro low bun, is a very elegant classic hairstyle. Air sense of short Liu Haiqing new playful, fluffy high bun MM hair all received, to show MM elegant neck lines and clavicle lines, with hair ornaments embellishment, the overall shape retro fashion. Like this more self-cultivation conservative retro fashion dress, can be used with elegant romantic Bohemian wind hair type.

    Fluffy curly hair and shoulder hair and air bangs, easy to create MM palm little face, with a small flower lace hair band, very romantic sweet. Fluffy half-bar princess head simple and sweet, with the air bangs and feathers made of flowers hair ornaments more elegant and romantic. The hair in the back of the brain made of fish bone braids, leaving a few strands of hair scattered around the cheek modified MM bridesmaid dresses face, coupled with the white veil hanging, very romantic sweet.

    2017-05-24 11:09:19
  • What good wedding dress bridesmaid wears?
    In order not to grab the bride's limelight, bridesmaids in the selection of dress to pick warm tone-based dress, that is dressed as a lovely princess also avoid the overwhelming. And the style together if the simple style, that is, the atmosphere can also bring out their own atmosphere.

    Dress style to be simple

    In order not to grab the bride's limelight, bridesmaids in the selection of dress to pick warm tone-based dress, that is dressed as long sleeve wedding dress a lovely princess also avoid the overwhelming. And the style together if the simple style, that is, the atmosphere can also bring out their own atmosphere.

    flower girl dresses Taboo black clothing

    For new people in the festive days can not be wrong, especially for bridesmaids is certainly not suitable for wearing a black dress.

    Appropriate red jewelry

    Of course, the bridesmaids can also be accompanied by some red jewelry on the dress, such as red belt or red handbag, there is a dress above the small area can be red, but remember not too much.

    Black stockings can not wear

    Wedding day in addition to the black dress can not wear, the black stockings do not try the best, especially the network of stockings, which makes guests feel a kind of light feeling.

    Do not wear veil

    Bridesmaids in the choice of accessories, the general bride will have to wear veil, so the bridesmaid's head can not have headdress appeared. Moreover, even if the bride itself does not wear veil, bridesmaids do not need to use the veil.

    2017-05-23 11:02:44
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