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  • Banquet so much, there are few sets of high-end elegant dress how to line
    Pink Puff Sleeve Dress

    Pink puff sleeves dress skirt, far look like a word collar, in fact, strapless shoulder, the design is very particular about the details of the United States, so the design is neither beautiful nor worry about emptying the problem.

    Pink special girl wind, elegant skirt, as well as lantern sleeves, sweet ladies temperament, full of princess wind, this is Qi to wear, especially tall and tall.

    Birthday party dress

    Wedding dress to the long section of the dress, the waist exquisite mesh yarn embroidery, so that your beautiful girl, full of charm, hollow chiffon long sleeves just right hazy vision, increase the woman's small sexy.

    Exquisite round neck, shoulder through the yarn, exquisite, selected pearl satin, exquisite comfort, from every point of view are so elegant, chest design, add women's soft temperament.

    Fashion Slim Long Dinner Dress

    Fashionable dress skirt, semi-perspective of the chiffon wrapped around the small shoulders, just the release of sexy but will not appear exposed, long skirt design of the three layers of yarn skirt, the whole person's temperament set off.

    There is a kind of ethereal feeling, full of fairy taste, front cover hollow hand decals, time-consuming for a long time, bring more meticulous feminine, mature embroidery process, so pink wedding dress that flowers describe realistic and three-dimensional.

    Trailing dress dress

    Fashion lotus leaf sleeves evening dress, fine lace carved, as well purple wedding dress as the yarn of the speaker sleeves, very young temperament, round neck looks like wearing a necklace.

    Waist waist design, shaping a woman perfect S curve of the United States, light blue is also very temperament, pearl fabric, very significant grade, shoulder perspective design, sexy full.

    Pink evening dress

    Pink dress skirt, this dress is very fashionable Oh, shiny fabric, evening dress is very beautiful, in the light of the irradiation under the more significant effect.

    evening gowns Pink is also very young age Oh, the word design of the perfect modification of the face, outline the female enchanting body, pay attention to wear when the best to reveal the feet to more temperament Oh.

    2017-08-17 10:34:44
  • Your wardrobe less a dress, it seems less elegant atmosphere
    long sleeve wedding dress A long black tattoo dress

    Black dress and the word with the shoulder does not seem boring, high split the design was personality.

    Slim and slender dress in the long paragraph dress

    White side of the word show fashion sense of generous, side of the design of the fork even more sexy and elegant.

    Slim fishtail red wedding dress

    Romantic lace dress, with elegant graceful graceful feelings, exquisite gorgeous lace to pure color from the attitude of the paragraph, Slim version of the type, decent tailoring, fashionable atmosphere, clear contours, highlighting the elegant sense of the line

    Bride toast is elegant short wedding dress thin dress

    This stylish strapless dress, with a sexy shoulder design, simple and unique collar type, highlight the elegant and generous, perfect modification of the neck lines, highlight the charming clavicle, create sexy temperament, wherever you go will become the focus.

    Slugs and tattoo dresses

    Lace dress is never outdated design, set the elegant and romantic you have always been the protagonist of the wedding, dignified and charming already, reserved sexy, let you different, beautiful and luxurious gold thread embroidery, combined with pink wedding dress modern novelty Is innovative, sexy and not too exposed, the crowd is particularly amazing.

    Bride Slim Long Sleeve Red Evening Dress Skirt

    This dress uses a stylish and elegant word shoulder design, the classic Hepburn wind, in the elegant and unique temperament, exquisite plate making, to create 3D three-dimensional Slim effect, curve posture, proud temperament gift you, high quality lace fabric, texture Type, for you to bring elegant temperament.

    Chiffon round neck white dress

    The fabric of the yarn with lace embellishment seems intellectual elegance, a white dress showing a good fashion temperament.

    Slip the door and cut the little black skirt

    The word shoulder and cuffs of the side of the mix is sweet and lovely, open the design look elegant and generous.

    2017-08-17 10:34:16
  • Beautiful bridesmaid dress recommended, the United States how to do the bride
    Wine red dress skirt

    If you are the type of thigh thick, then use a crisp skirt to cover it, dove-style design can achieve the effect of modification, and then purple wedding dress sleeveless exposed slender arm transfer line of sight, after all, a wise choice.

    A black shoulder dress

    There are many ways to express sexy, revealing the charm of the entire shoulder is not to be overlooked, black skirt body into the pink petals, as well as skirt a little bit of perspective, all together do not mention more charming.

    plus size wedding dress In the sleeve short paragraph small dress

    This dress is particularly light and elegant, showing that women mature small fresh, package design fashion comfortable, making the overall shape of the more flower girl dresses highlights.

    Noble red long section of the word shoulder dress

    This dress has been loved by every woman, using the waist three-dimensional cut design, simple but not simply adjust the skirt with thin fabrics, leaving a trace of warm frog elegant temperament.

    Pink little finger dress

    Natural coloring, shaping the three-dimensional effect, Qi foot leisure and live without contemptuous beauty, so this season are infected with immortal, descendants, and her beautiful, elegant and no lack of beautiful feminine.

    Elegant ladies evening dress

    Fashion personality design, temperament show, skirt open fork design, add sexy elements, the trend of touch, sexy fishtail skirt design, classic version of the type, show sexy body.

    Long section short sleeve dress

    Exquisite three-dimensional pattern, carrying the women's queen-like dream, carrying a girl-like princess miss, high-grade fabric to create an elegant lady wind, and instantly enhance the high quality of the wedding.

    2017-08-16 10:37:27
  • Bridesmaid dress selection has to pay attention, look good and not grab the bride limelight
    Bright evening party dress

    This bridesmaid red dress dress, very beautiful but not grab the bride limelight. Close to the waist design, can be a good show woman proud posture. Even quietly standing there, is also a beautiful landscape.

    New party evening dress

    maxi dresses Sexy Bra design, you can be a beautiful woman out of the clavicle. Knee length, gives the feeling of refreshing without procrastination. Dress on the small flowers, and very small fresh.

    One hand and shoulders short bridesmaid dress

    Classic word shoulder design, very sexy and modified face. A touch of beige very elegant, but also set off the good temperament of the bridesmaid.

    Pink evening dress skirt

    Cute princess powder, both set off wedding day festive, and flower girl dresses not too blatantly. This bridesmaid dress, you can wear to attend the banquet, the same feminine.

    Stand collar was thin bridesmaid dress

    Chic collar design, making the dresser more elegant. This seven-point sleeve pink bridesmaid dress, especially suitable for autumn and winter wear. Waist not a small belt, but also increased by a little feminine.

    Pink engagement party evening dress

    Sleeves in the evening dress, you can cover the meat of the small arm. Pink fabric and the system, festive and a little girl in the elegant. And then pull on the good hair, you can also do a beautiful bridesmaid.

    Banquet moderator dress

    Quiet blue, more for the bride to play a role in setting off. And this a bridesmaid dress, is also very skin white. And then take a match with a single heel, do not mention how elegant.

    Korean style bridesmaid dress

    Korean style of the shoulder, very much the taste of the TV drama woman. Wearing a nice gauze dress, like a fairy tale out of the little princess is generally beautiful.

    2017-08-16 10:37:03
  • To the fried tail wedding, fantasy holy, like a fairy tale princess
    Korean version of the word should be thin long tail tail custom wedding dress

    The real set of "sexy, luxurious, elegant, lovely" as one of the wedding, thin and thin tulle, blooming with the wind and light of the beauty of the dream, to develop women's charming and charming, dignified and noble.

    Korean princess word long tail wedding dress

    Romantic light poncho skirt oversized tail, exudes elegant gorgeous gas field, very beautiful, large poncho skirt, like a fairy tale princess, like a fairy tale princess.

    Korean version of the trailing princess dream of the Department of light wedding dress

    The meaning of white yarn that pure, flower yarn dream shop your tail, shocked the audience will lose a single product, to create a fascinating charm of the bride, reminding us of scenes do not eat the fairies of the world.

    Braised long tail wedding dress Qi lace

    Was thin lace long sleeve Qi wedding, exquisite self-cultivation, has always been fantastic luxury style, cleverly received maxi dresses Yingying a grip Xiaoman Yao, maxi dresses more highlights the light temperament, exudes elegant gorgeous gas field.

    Bride tail princess princess wedding

    Light and elegant big tail, pure temperament diffuse open, Slim was thin version of the design, outline the sexy charming graceful posture, fantasy and noble perfect embodiment, condensate is from heaven fairy.

    Sen Department of long tail wedding

    Pure Qingyan, distributed noble and gorgeous princess temperament, you are fairy tale beautiful princess. Vivid images of flowers and exquisite embroidery embellishment in the white yarn above, immortal very.

    Dream was thin v collar Sen Department of wedding

    long sleeve wedding dress Shocked the luxury of the tail, holy and elegant, highlight your romantic beauty of the wind, let you wear out the elegant and elegant fairy feeling, long tail wedding, wedding solemn and solemn sense of peace.

    Long tail with wedding dress

    Fashion classic wedding dress never out of date, exquisite lace lace, revealing the charming clavicle, stunning long trailing magnificent, cocktail dresses adjustable straps, beautiful atmosphere

    2017-08-15 10:55:10
  • Traditional show Wo wedding dress, show the most beautiful bride
    Show off the bride dress

    The traditional stand-up design, back invisible zipper, stunning gold thread embroidery design, charming elegance, magnificent.

    Bride toast service cheongsam

    High-quality forging breathable fresh, comfortable skin-friendly, three-dimensional Slim cut, waist was thin type, heritage of traditional Chinese embroidery process, the beauty of the East.

    2017 show clothes

    Chinese-style encryption embroidery, to show exquisite craftsmanship, personal three-dimensional cut design, suddenly stand tall and proud posture.

    Lace Slim short dress

    Put on this set to let you feel the body lying in the flowers, simple and elegant lace, romantic fashion, retro classic.

    Chinese dress cheongsam

    Wake up the traditional Chinese customs, provoke elegant joy, Chinese-style collar with gorgeous embroidery, exquisite disk buckle.

    Toast bride cheongsam

    plus size dresses Comfortable fabrics, exquisite retro cocktail dresses patterns, breathable environmental protection, Slim was thin, gentle and virtuous, showing charming body.

    Chinese wedding show Wo service

    Red is very festive, classical charm of the beautiful collar, exudes a thick Chinese charm, elegant and solemn, embroidered pattern design delicate, delicate embroidery, style quaint, with color and moving, noble gold line to bring out the bride's elegant atmosphere.

    Chinese cheongsam

    With a small lapel design, the use of traditional Chinese elements, the perfect modification and show a beautiful woman, the Chinese knot decoration, thick Chinese flavor, fine gold embroidery is very gorgeous, Ngau Tau horse hem embroidery, very unique.

    Chinese wedding dress

    Chinese style collar heritage of the retro atmosphere, highlighting the elegant beauty of the Oriental casual dresses woman, low-eyed nodded infinite style, relaxed and level of the speaker sleeves, elegant and beautiful, bring out the arm of the slender, gestures revealing uncompromising attention pink wedding dress Peony implies and beauty.

    2017-08-15 10:54:44
  • How does color wedding dress and dress wear out your personality?
    1, black wedding: As China's traditional ideas and customs constraints, few people will be black and wedding together. In the east, black is a little bit more unlucky feeling, so black rarely appear in the wedding. But now the designer will use black elements for wedding design creation, if you want to break the routine, elders do not oppose it, you can try on their own wedding black wedding, filling the mysterious wild side.

    pink wedding dress 2, black and white with: If you do not want to wear a white wedding dress, may wish to try white wedding with black wide silk belt, black and white with bright results, full of personality and purple wedding dress fashion, not too exaggerated, for those who have a little rebellious heart of the girl, to The whole wedding brings a different visual effect. Of course, have to consider the differences between the two sides of the wedding customs and taboo, or will be counterproductive, self-defeating yo yo.

    3, gray wedding: most people will think that gray represents dull, lack of vitality. If the match is good, gray wedding coupled with gold girdle, as Xianqi full and light and quiet, the most suitable for those low-key personality quiet girl, Oh, or a veritable Cinderella yo.

    4, orange wedding: orange in the wedding with great visual impact, bright colors will be the eyes of everyone on the focus on your body, become the day the real queen, may wish to try to come to a stunning four bar it

    5, bright red dress: bright red style dress can outline the bride charming curve, with the gold will appear more noble and charming, extraordinary temperament. Bright purple style dress is fresh to drop, charming gentle, so that the bride at the wedding to become the focus.

    6, violet dress: violet tone dress with purple belt and folds of the embellishment of the dress to add the overall sense of hierarchy, the bride as angels come in the world, small fresh style can instantly enhance the fashion index.

    7, red dress: red three-dimensional large flower style dress skirt, temperament cheap wedding dress gorgeous elegance, hardness and softness. Bright red yarn skirt, the level of complex design, unfolded layers of yarn skirt unique, with a pair of colors echo the red high heels, I believe your gorgeous will illuminate the audience.

    Long sleeve ladies dress skirt

    Slim net yarn skirt, a lace hollow material skirt, sexy yet elegant, filling women soft temperament, feet with high-heeled show, show the legs curve, of course, if the MM body enough confidence, Why not.

    2017-08-14 10:20:29
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